Business Breakfast with Brett Chamberlain (06-03-2014)

Come Hear Brett Chamberlain---Management Advisor- Author

$30,000 In 30 Minutes

Most businesses have enormous untapped potential for increased sales and profitability – but most business people are too caught up in their ‘busy-ness’ to capitalise on this opportunity. 

This presentation will give you a powerful, step-by-step procedure for quickly transforming your business into a profit pumping powerhouse. 

As an acclaimed management consultant, Brett Chamberlain has generated tens of millions of dollars in extra profits for clients, by working through this real, proven process with businesses all around Australia and overseas. 

Now it’s YOUR turn.  This information packed session will show how a typical business can easily add $30,000 (or much more) to the bottom line, in less than 30 minutes!  Don’t miss this opportunity.

With around 20 years consulting experience Brett really knows what it takes to transform average businesses into serious money makers. 

Some comments from People who attended one of his seminars

I’ve seen Brett’s presentations before and they really are packed with step-by-step information you can use and get results from immediately.  In the words of other audience members

“This was without doubt the most useful session I have attended in 34 years of business. Inspiring - anyone who missed out has really missed out.”

“A very relevant and succinct delivery. Very, very different from other ‘Business Speakers’ that I have attended. This is the genuine article.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn exactly how you can quickly improve the bottom line performance of YOUR business. 

Book now – and do a business friend a favour and book a seat for them too, They’ll thank you for it afterwards.