Blockchain Prophecy Decoded

September Event – Sept 5th 2018

CCIQ South West Chamber and TAFE Queensland’s Small Business Solutions are proud to present ‘The BLOCKCHAIN PROPHECY’ Decoded with Chairman of BankCoin & BankCoin Reserve GARY McALISTER

An Inventor and innovator by nature with granted patents under his belt, Gary possesses the innate ability to see things differently than most and solve major issues deemed unsolvable. After the GFC in 2008 it became apparent something had to be done to level the playing field from big banks getting the bail outs and the middleclass getting the bill for it. This was the driver for Gary entering the financial sector as he immediately started working on a KWH Global Currency and moved to Crypto Currency. Gary McAlister (born November 24, 1968) is an Australian/New Zealand futurist and currently chairman of the Global Energy Reserve, the central authority on clean and renewable energy globally.

During his tenure as chairman, McAlister has overseen the Global Energy Reserve’s research & development, global commerce and environmental interests of solving complex problems. For the past 4 years Gary has specialized in the crypto currency and digital mining asset commodity space which targets the financial sector with major innovation Blockchain patents, products and processes for government treasury, central banks, commercial and retail banks, financial institution markets and monetary funds.

A major driver is to strengthen countries treasuries so they can weather another financial crisis which Gary says is coming but this time bigger than 2008. The financial system as we currently know it is complex and it has taken Gary over 4 years to discover the technology, develop the solutions, prove those solutions at scale, write the patents, have them granted and then educate the market place to these new products and processes.

McAlister is a proud member of the Stanford Who’s Who and can be referenced in many journals and white papers for his dedicated work on clean and renewable energy technology including full introduction throughout the supply chains.

This is going to be a must attend event for anyone in business today, anyone with a slight interest in Crypto Currency and the Blockchain technology. Dont miss out as ticket numbers are very limited.


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